April Showers

All the folks who thought we were behind on rain this year must be loving life now. It’s been raining pretty steadily since last night, although it didn’t rain for muster this morning. I took myself for a run after muster and got rained on enough that I couldn’t tell what was water and what was sweat. But it really cut loose right after I got home, which made me glad I didn’t postpone my run.

My Lieutenant called me yesterday and said he’d approve my leave. So I’ll be outta here at the end of next week for a couple weeks with my wife, including our second anniversary. Then it’s right back here and right into API. The timing is working out perfectly so far. Even though I’ve been here three months and only done about 5 weeks worth of real work, my progress can still be considered very rapid. It’s just slow getting through here. But I’ve waited all my life for this, so a few more weeks won’t kill me.


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