Hurry Up and Wait… For Now

After our inauspicious API graduation on Friday, I checked in at Whiting Field on Monday morning with equally little glamour. A few briefs in the morning, the obligatory spiel from the Commodore, and I was on my way home shortly after noon.

I’ll be classing up for Primary on the 28th with VT-2. I think our mascot is a little red bird of some kind. Not quite as mean-sounding as the VT-3 “Red Knights” or the VT-6 “Shooters,” but it’ll do.

The nice thing about this little mini-stash is I don’t have to drive over to Whiting every day. Monday through Thursday I just have to phone in sometime between 7 and 10 in the morning. Friday morning is the only time I have to be physically present. The Mrs. and I are thinking of taking a camping trip to Tennessee (the nearest mountains) next week after the rest of our furniture arrives on Monday or Tuesday.

Life is good. I feel like I struck a good balance between work and other things in API, and I hope it continues to work through Primary.


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