What’s a “Doerbird”?

Tomorrow I officially begin my primary flight training with Training Squadron Two (VT-2), the legendary “Doerbirds.” VT-2 has the disctinction of being the oldest primary training squadron in the Navy. That leaves me wondering why, if they ostensibly had first pick of squadron mascots, they would choose a “doerbird.” I have no idea what a “doerbird” is. Hang on… Google might know…

Okay. VT-2 officially made up the word “doerbird.” But that’s fine. I will be a proud “doerbird” anyway, whatever they are! Looks like I’ll have a few weeks of ground school before I actually start flying. But once I do get off the ground, I’m supposed to solo after the first 10 or so hops. So far the Navy hasn’t trusted me with very much, so I imagine I’m going to have to work REALLY hard before they trust me with my very own T-34C for an hour.

I am expecting this to take no less than my best efforts all around. But it’s thrilling to know that I’ve got a shot at something like this, and I’m thoroughly prepared. Our household goods finally arrived this week, and I’ve had two weeks off to finish getting settled here and spend some time with my wife. If I’d have had another week off, we would have gone camping in Alabama or Tennessee for a couple of nights. But I suppose our little vacation will have to wait.

Life is really, really good. I’ll be classing up tomorrow with a bunch of good friends from my API class, so I’ve got good prospects for a study group/carpool. Morale is high all around. Here we go!


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