Socked In

Through some combination of bad weather and bad scheduling, it’s now been a week since my last flight.

I’m scheduled to fly after lunch today, but they’ve also scheduled an occluded front and some thunderstorms to be passing by about that same time, with low ceilings and poor visibility. I’m not very hopeful, but at least I’ll be able to go in today and get some academic work done. Being scheduled to fly also means I don’t have any other duty or watch scheduled for today.

This is getting kind of frustrating. I felt like I had a really good flight last Tuesday. But at this point, my skills have a very short shelf life, and the only way to reinforce and improve them is to fly daily, if possible. That’s the way the program is designed to work. The other unfair thing is that my grades are competing with others who HAVE been flying these flights every day.

Since it has been seven days since my last flight, if the clouds miraculously disappear and I DO go fly, I’m eligible for an optional warm-up, which means the grades don’t count. I’m going to take it, if I can, and hope that my next graded flight will be before the end of the week. If not, I guess I can always do another warm-up next Tuesday, too.


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