T Minus One Week

I suppose my comment in a previous post about the coming weeks holding adventures I didn’t know about was even more prophetic than I intended it to be. A wise old Beatle once said “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Indeed, hurricane season started off here with the winds of change blowing.

After reviewing our family situation, the Mrs. and I decided that living 1,400 miles apart wasn’t as good an idea as we thought it was. So instead of starting API at the end of May, the Navy let me drive back up to Albany to pick her up and bring her back here. Instead of doing my primary flight training with the Air Force at Vance AFB, I will now be doing it here with the Navy at Whiting Field.

I’ll be starting API on Friday, June 30. I can’t wait. It’s great to have my wife here and know that she’ll be able to support me more directly as I get into the real meat of flight school. Even though they’ll keep me pretty busy, I’m sure we’ll still find time to enjoy together some of the nicer things about living in this place. I told her: “It’ll be just like college, except now we’ve got more money.”