Life’s a Beach

Today was one of my last times doing the A-pool muster. My wife flew down on Tuesday morning, and tomorrow we’re hitting the road to drive back up to Albany together. I’ll be on leave until just a few days before I start Aviation Preflight Indoctrination (API) on the 19th. The timing has worked out very well, and I’m lucky and thrilled to be able to be at home with my wife on our second wedding anniversary next Friday.

We went to the beach today and I built a sand castle. You’ll see my masterpiece if I can get the picture upload to work. My wife added the seashell fence as a finishing touch.

So far my workload has been light. But once I start API, all that is expected to change. Today I found out for sure that I will be doing my primary flight training (right after API) with the Air Force at Vance AFB in Enid, Oklahoma. I volunteered for Vance because they said it would get me through my training pipeline about six months faster. Another perk is that I will be flying the nice, shiny, new T-6 trainers instead of the usual old Navy T-34s. The T-6 is a wonderful plane, with more power, more speed, ejection seats, and a much better air conditioner than the T-34.

But, I digress. This road trip tomorrow should be fun. We’re going to try to leave early in the morning and make it to visit my sister in southern Virginia tomorrow night. Then we’re hoping to make it to Washington, DC by lunch time on Saturday and see some sights there Saturday afternoon before we press on to Albany late Saturday night. It seems like a pretty ambitious itinerary, but we’re young so I think we’ll be able to pull it off.